K9 Mobile Grooming Supplies
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Introduction to K9 grooming van conversions

How it works:

K9 mobile grooming van conversions are a complete grooming salon on wheels.

The power comes from the mains hook up cable that connects to your customer’s house into a standard socket. The other end plugs into the socket on the exterior of your grooming van to power all of the internal sockets. Alternatively power can come from a generator fitted in the plant room of the Professional conversion.

The water supply comes from the large fresh water tank which is filled by a normal garden hose connection on the van exterior.

The lighting is supplied by the mains powered LED downlighters to allow you to work in low light conditions or into the evenings.

Temperature control is from the optional air conditioner / climate control unit or with a simple plug in heater. Our K9 Warmline insulated lining will assist in keeping the cold out and your work area snug.

Equipment is safely secured for the bumpy roads we have to put up with and equipment options like dryers, tables, vacuum systems and sterilisers help with your working efficiency.

Comfort Options like a porta loo, music, microwave and fridge can make your van a nicer place to spend your working day and the reversing camera can give you assistance when parking.