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FAQs K9 Hydrobaths

Do you carry Hydrobaths in stock?

Generally we build Hydrobaths to order and we require around 6-9 weeks to build from scratch especially with a colour option. 

Do Hydrobaths come in just one colour?

As we build our Hydrobaths at our own factory we can use any colour that you request!  We can match your salon or van colour, or build it in pink....just because it's your favourite colour!

How does the HydroExcel work?

Hydrobaths are a little different to a normal bath.  The water doesn’t come out of the shower head and then straight down the drain, it is a recirculating system so for each wash cycle the water is recirculated round and round.  This allows you to wash with power shower pressure but using just 10 litres of water and a small amount of shampoo.  

Lets break this down into a little more detail:

The sump (a reservoir in the bottom of the bath) is filled with fresh water by opening the fill valve. Once this is full you pump a little shampoo of your choice into the sump, or alternatively simply pump the shampoo onto your hand and wash it off into the bath so within 10 seconds or so it will mix in with the water.  Turning the pump on will dispense a high power flow of warm water and shampoo out of the shower head and onto the dogs coat. The pressure penetrates right into the coat and down to the skin to clean the coat quickly and effectively. You can run this for as long as you like as it is only using the 10 litres of water from the sump.  To use conditioner, open the waste valve to drain this water, refill with fresh water, add the conditioner and repeat the process.

Once the coat is clean, turn off the pump, pick the rinse hose from the holder and switch on the rinse pump which dispenses fresh warm water from the main tank.  Now this is similar to a wall mounted electric shower so it’s a lower pressure, almost silent and doesn’t recirculate so quick and efficient for rinsing.  But the real beauty of this system is that it gives you the option of using the hose for the wash cycle too as some dogs just don’t need the high power pressure of a hydrobath, or are too nervous to tolerate the pressure and associated noise of the pump and water flow.  And as this supply comes from the main tank, you won’t run out of warm rinse water!

Can I use any shampoo?

Yes, due to the higher water pressure of our Hydrobaths we recommend a low lather shampoo which reduce the amount of suds and bubbles created. It's best to avoid lower quality shampoo's that often add chemicals to make it bubbly, which have no benefit to washing, other than it looks effective!  It is important to experiment with shampoo quantity in your new Hydrobath to get the quantity correct as you need far less shampoo than washing conventionally.

How are Hydrobaths delivered?

Our Hydrobaths are delivered on a pallet to your chosen address.
We wrap each bath in several layers of thick bubble wrap and several layers of corrugated cardboard, strap it to the pallet and cover it in shrink wrap ready for the journey.  With baths shipped on a pallet the driver will wheel it to a suitable place that his pallet wheels will get it to for you to unwrap it at your leisure.  Some drivers may help you unwrap it and lift it into your salon but please don't expect them to as its not officially their role. We advise to have at least 2 people available to unwrap and lift your bath into position (its only about 40kgs, but quite bulky).

How long does it take to heat up?

The heat up time has lots of variables.  The salon tank heats up in around 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and the one fill tank is double this.  These times are from cold so during normal use the tank retains some heat over night which shortens warm up time in the morning. You have to remember though once the tank is warm there is no waiting for re-heating between each dog like twin tank Hydrobaths and no chance of running out of warm rinse water in normal use.  

There are a few ways to ensure your bath is ready to use each morning. Some salons leave the heater on but reduce the temperature so heat up time is reduced in the morning, others fit a timer switch so the bath starts heating before they open up and is ready to go for the first dog. Also, you don’t have to fully fill the tank everyday. If you only have a few dogs booked in you can just fill the tank enough for those 2. Time of year is a factor too as the incoming water temperature can vary quite a lot between Winter and Summer.

Our Hydrobaths have a 2kw heating element which is safe to plug into a normal socket, if we use a higher rated element this will have the risk of overloading the socket or requiring a dedicated feed from the main consumer unit.

Can it fit all dogs?

Pretty much. The tub is much deeper than a stainless type tub or normal household bath so more of the dog is contained within the bath. GSD’s, Newfies right down to tea cup Yorkies fit in the bath and with the optional insert table the floor of the bath raises halfway up so no need to bend right down when washing small and medium sized dogs.

Does it require specialised installation?

Our HydroExcel is very simple to install. It requires a normal 3 pin power socket so no need to have a dedicated power supply from your consumer unit like an electric shower. The water feed is through a 15mm pipe connection or simply plug a regular hosepipe fitting into the tank and the waste is normal domestic 40mm solvent waste pipe to a drain.  We do recommend a competent person so a plumber or handyman installs the pipe work but it can be done with parts from B&Q!  The centre of the waste drain is about 60mm off the floor. If your drain is higher up or you have a long run from your garden salon to the house drain for example, a waste pump can be fitted to facilitate this.

It is advisable to wait until your bath is on site before fitting any pipework.  Even when we give a plumber detailed dimensions their pipes never seem to be in the correct place, its much safer to install and measure the pipework when the bath is actually in place.


Full fitting and usage instructions will come with your bath so please ensure these are read before installing and using your bath.   Installation should be carried out by a competant person.

Whats the next step? Get in touch. Give us a call to arrange a visit to our factory to have a demonstration of a Hydrobath or a tour around a conversion. And don’t forget, costs involved with setting up your business, like travel to visit our factory are tax deductible!