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How do Hydrobaths work?

The Hydrobath works by spraying a powerful flow of warm water over your dog using a conventional shower head at power shower pressure. The shampoo solution is added to the water in the collection tank (sump) which then mixes with the water and is sprayed at the same high pressure, to allow the whole solution to fully penetrate the dog’s coat through to the skin.

During use the water / shampoo solution returns to the collection tank (sump) at the bottom of the bath where it is filtered and pumped back through the shower head. Because this water is recirculated during the wash cycle it only uses around 10 litres of water, no matter how thick the coat is or how long you wash for. When you have finished bathing the dog, the sump water is drained and fresh warm and clean water is released into the sump to rinse the dog with our traditional Hydrobaths. However the HydroExcel has a completely separate rinse system which pumps fresh warm water at a lower pressure from the large water tank through it's own shower head for the final rinse.