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Introduction to K9 Hydrobaths

K9 dog baths are suppliers of professional Dog and pet grooming equipment. K9 van conversions use the leading manufacturer Hydrobath™ and Hydroexcel™ systems ideal for mobile, home, salons and veterinarian use.

 The K9 HydroExcel bathing system is the ultimate dog grooming bath for all breeds and all salons. Complete with our 1 year labour and 5 years parts warranty it is the most reliable hydrobath on the market! It is also the only Hydrobath in the world to combine the benefits of a Hydrobath with a traditional ‘electric shower on the wall’ by offering the groomer a choice of bathing methods for each dog.

For most breeds using the recirculating Hydrobath is most beneficial to effectively clean the coat in minimal time and with far less shampoo and water than is traditionally used. For smaller or nervous dogs, the fresh water shower is ideal as it is lower powered, almost silent and gives a traditional, more gentle wash. Combining the 2 systems together gives the groomer a quick powerful Hydrobath with efficient rinsing.

Key benefits of the HydroExcel bathing system over other baths:

  • It offers power shower pressure using just 10 litres of water for each wash cycle, no matter how long you are washing the dog for.
  • Shampoo is added in the system to mix in with the water, dispensing a high power solution of water and shampoo out of the shower head, massively reducing shampoo usage per dog.
  • Almost unlimited warm water. The HydroExcel has a choice of water tank sizes meaning you should never run out of warm rinse water like other Hydrobath designs.
  • Reduced labour time. Washing with the HydroExcel is far quicker than conventional methods of bathing which isn’t just important to the busy high street salon but also to groomers who work alone.
  • The deep bath tub can take giant breeds right down to Yorkies, and because it has nice high sides, water splashing is kept to a minimum.
  • Simple ‘plug and play’ fitting. Our Hydrobaths require a normal 13 amp plug socket, connection to a 40mm waste pipe and either a 15mm cold water feed or plug a garden hose directly into the tank.
  • It’s all in one free standing unit. The bath tub, water tank, heating element, temperature controller, valves, pumps and switches are all in the one unit so easy to take with you if you move salons.
  • Low water pressure in your building isn’t an issue as our Hydrobaths have their own built in pump.
  • Our Hydrobaths are ergonomically designed to be easy to use.

  • The switches are built into a panel close to your left hand when standing at the wash position.
  • The shower heads are stored neatly in the front corners so they are easy to pick up and store.
  • The water inlet is tucked around the back of the bath out of the way but the valves and temperature controller are at the front for easy access.
  • The optional small dog insert table raises smaller dogs halfway up the bath tub to save your back and is easy to store when not in use.
  • The bath door slides out to allow big dogs to hop in the bath but still gives a splash proof seal when closed.
  • The inside of the tub is made from bright white gel coat which is easy to clean and the outside of the bath can be produced in almost any colour to match your company colours

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