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K9 Pet Hydrobath

K9 Pet Hydrobath
K9 Pet Hydrobath K9 Pet Hydrobath

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The Pet Hydrobath is best suited to those who would not be washing a large number of dogs. It has a single unheated wash tank and requires a hot and cold water supply and connection to suitable drainage. Ideal for domestic and pet use.
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The K9 Pet Hydrobath is designed for pet owners or breeders who won't be washing many dogs each week.  It requires a hot and cold water supply and doesn't have a built in tank or heater but it still has the powerful pump for Hydrobathing.

A Hydrobath combines a bathtub with a shower bather by using a recirculating pump to produce a high volume mix of water and shampoo, delivered powerfully enough to penentrate the thickest coats, and yet gently enough to massage the skin - all in the fraction of the time taken by normal bathing methods.

The high strength fibreglass hydrobath tub is suitable for all sizes and breeds from Maltese Terriers to Great Danes and there is no mess to clean up after bath time or dogs running away from the hose or bucket - the Hydrobath keeps both the dog and the water suitably contained.

All K9 Hydrobaths come with a full years warranty.

Dimensions: 120cm(L) x 75cm(W) x 103cm(H)


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