K9 Mobile Grooming Supplies
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Servicing and Repairs


The quality of our conversions is so important to us as well as you. Our conversions are built to last, with the glitz and glamour of dog grooming never interfering with quality, meaning you spend less time without your trusty work horse.

Unfortunately, we often come across customers who have been to other companies for their conversions only for them to find faults shortly after they have spent a small fortune on them in the first place, asking us to fix them.

Whether it’s a leaky skylight, rotting floor, failing parts, switches in totally the wrong places or poor, flimsy, uninsulated wall panels, we’ve seen it and a lot of other stuff too! But thankfully after we have repaired/ refurbished it the customers leave K9 finally loving their conversions and wishing they had just come here first!

We also fit many other upgrades to your van you may not have thought you needed when you first started grooming but would like to add to your current conversion.

These include:

  • Lighting renewals
  • Pump repairs/Upgrades
  • Install Generators
  • Fit roof air-conditioning units
  • Fit door guards

And many other things.

If you would like to discuss your requirements/ options in more detail with us simply give our team a call on 01323 743666 or email at sales@k9dogbaths.co.uk where we would be more than happy to help.