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The K9 Independence van conversion

K9 are proud to launch the newest addition to their conversion range, the K9 Independence. This conversion is based on the K9 Professional and has its own on board power supply!  Not a generator, not a leisure battery and inverter but an amazing Lithium battery bank, highly intelligent multi controller and a diesel powered water heater.

The combination of this equipment gives you your own on board power supply meaning no more plugging in hook up cables at each customer.
K9 spent many months developing this system with the teams at Webasto and Energy Solutions to ensure the components, capacity, re-charge rate and longevity of the system is suitable for a mobile grooming van. 
Key features of the Independence:
  • Just a 5 minute warm up in the morning and the hot water is instantly available all day and on demand. Simply switch the Webasto unit on when you leave for your first client and forget about it until you switch it off at the end of the day.
  • The battery system supplies mains power for the on board equipment and is controlled by an intelligent MultiPlus unit. The mains hook up supply is also connected through this unit so it automatically selects mains hook when available, charges the batteries at its fastest rate using as much incoming power that is spare, and has a multi function display that shows power left in percentage, time and amps. The system requires an overnight recharge as well as topping up from the engine whilst driving.
  • The blaster / dryer unit has been developed for the Independence by the engineers at Simpsons. It supplies almost the same airflow and heat as the standard unit but uses far less power, which equates to longer battery capacity.
  • The Webasto unit also heats the van interior and has a built in frost stat so it automatically fires up at night if the temperature is about to freeze to protect the van interior and water pipes.
  • No more hassle with unwrapping and recoiling hook up cables at each client and no problems if you can’t park right outside their house to plug in.
The Independence system can be tailored to your own requirements and variations include just a single battery and MultiPlus for occasional use, no diesel heater if you are able to fill with warm water in the morning (topping up the water temp can be accomplished from the batteries) to a full all day system without requiring a hook up throughout the day.
Benefits to the groomer are:
  • Ability to groom at locations not normally accessible for mobile groomers including blocks of flats, clients houses without parking right outside, holiday parks, supermarkets, forest car parks, local parks etc (with any required permission), Country shows and fairs, boot sales….in fact anywhere as you don’t need to plug in!
  • Quicker start up and pack away time. Setting up and packing away the hook up cable may take 10 minutes at each client so over the week thats enough time saved to fit more dogs in to the same hours. This alone is enough to pay for itself!
  • Your van (and cab if you opt for the heat outlet in the cab) will always be warm and frost free in the Winter months.
  • No risk of overloading your clients socket and tripping out the power.
Benefits of the K9 Independence over traditional battery systems:
  • Lithium batteries have numerous benefits over leisure batteries including;
    • 80% lighter and a third less bulky than equivilant leisure.
    • Very fast recharge rate, up to 90% in one hour.
    • 99% efficient at converting charge energy to charge source compared to around 50% for leisure.
    • Up to 8 times longer life.
    • The only downside to Lithium is the higher up front cost, but over the lifetime it’s actually cheaper than leisure when you factor in the frequent replacement cost of leisure and the considerable extra weight you will be carrying around.
All of these factors and more are the reason why we chose Lithium and not the cheaper leisure batteries to power our conversions. Have a search online as lots of independent research on comparing leisure and Lithium is available. 
K9 Independence Grooming Van Conversion