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The K9 Professional van conversion

The fundamental feature of our conversions is our 'K9 Warmline' -  fully watertight and insulated gloss fibreglass lining. It fully seals the floor, walls and ceiling protecting your van from the damp environment caused during the grooming process and thus increasing the lifespan of your van. K9 Warmline utilises the latest ultra modern space and weight saving features, which minimizes condensation build up and helps to regulate the temperature in your work area.
K9 don't use plastic sheets and trim to line our conversions like some other companies and we are so proud of the quality of our lining it comes with a lifetime guarantee!!

Another standard in the professional conversion is the unique K9 fast heat system which removes the need to heat the entire fresh water tank overnight. An incredibly well insulated water heater is fitted which heats the water to 65 degrees. Cold water is mixed at the outlet to lower the temperature to 35 degrees reducing the amount of hot water used.  Overnight, the heat tank only loses about 20 degrees of heat so you can start washing straight away on the next morning, without having to pre heat the tank.

This heat tank has an automatic top up feature from the main fresh tank so whilst you are washing, the heat tank is automatically refilling and heating ready for the next use.

The K9 HydroExcel is built into a bespoke housing towards the back of the van with all 3 sides of the wash area protected from water spray by full height fibreglass walls, making it easier to keep your workplace clean and tidy.

All the services like the water tanks, fast heat system, plumbing, pumps, dryer and any options like the vacuum and generator are fitted into the ‘plant room’ at the rear of the van, which is sealed off from the work area to prevent ingress of hair and debris. This keeps the salon a more peaceful space for nervous dogs as the noisier equipment is in a seperate room. Access to this area is by the rear doors and it is protected with 240v anti frost heating if requested.

The whole work area and plant room is lit by mains powered bright white LED down lighters and two emergency LED lights that run from the van battery.

Standard specification list:

  • Fully lined with K9 Warmline
  • Non slip floor of your choice of colour.
  • IP rated waterproof RCD Protected 13amp Electrical Supply
  • Bright white LED down lighters.
  • K9 HydroExcel built into bespoke housing with Insert Table
  • Large fresh water tank with K9's fast heat system
  • Electric grooming table
  • Blaster dryer
  • 3 Shampoo Storage units
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • 25m hook up cable

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K9 Professional Grooming Van Conversion