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What are the benefits of a Hydrobath?

The spray head produces a unique hydro-combing action that massages and stimulates the skin, so not only is it the most effective way of washing the dog but also provides a therapeutic water massage. This helps with blood circulation, relieves tired muscles and we all know how nice a powerful hot shower is. Most dogs will enjoy this too!
Water penetrates the coat getting right to the skin helping to remove dry dead skin cells, embedded flea eggs and other materials that can be hidden and hard to get rid of, especially for dogs with longer and thicker coats.

Another excellent advantage is that certain treatment solutions for skin conditions or flea prevention can be added to the water during the Hydrobath. This ensures that maximum benefit is obtained from any treatment as the water spray not only gets deeply into the fur but also reaches the skin, which is most important for any type of treatment.

Just as important are the benefits it saves the groomer.  Water usuage will be drastically reduced over using a conventional power shower where the water runs straight into the drain.  Its a much more efficent method of bathing over using mixing bottles and shampoo usage is reduced too.  With the conventional electric shower on the wall and mixing bottles method, all of the water and a large amount of shampoo runs off the dog straight down the drain. Because the water is recirculated in the wash cycle, K9 Hydrobaths use far less water and shampoo. For all users this will reduce your water and energy consumption and your labour time, and for mobile users you will still be able to offer a power shower wash without having to be connected to a water supply at every client!