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What comes with a K9 Hydrobath?

K9 Hydrobaths are a complete freestanding unit comprising of large and deep bath tub, high powered quality water pump, immersion heater, shower hose including head and holder, and water tank with a float valve to prevent overfilling. The switches for the heater and pump are at waist level to the left of the bath so not down near the floor and the shower hose is fitted to the rear of the bath so it can’t be knocked and kicked.

The K9 HydroExcel is the industry leader and has the same quality GRP tub and recirculating system but it also has a completely separate rinse pump, hose and shower head to supply fresh water from the main tank for the final rinse. It is available in Salon and One fill tank sizes

The K9 Salon Hydrobath has a 70 litre water tank fitted which requires connection to a cold water feed to provide a continuous supply of temperature controlled water. Connection to a suitable drainage point (using standard 40mm solvent waste pipe from the waste valve) is required and this unit is perfect for salon use. This is our older design without the seperate rinse system.

The K9 One fill has a 140 litre water tank fitted which is enough water for an average days work. It is perfect for mobile, garden salon, garage salons etc. It requires just one fill each day and doesn't have to be connected to a mains water feed as a standard garden hose can be connected to fill the tank. Again, this is our older design without the seperate rinse system.

The K9 Standard Hydrobath doesn’t come with a water tank and requires a hot and cold water supply. This is ideal for hobby groomers or pet owners who like to keep their pets clean at home.

All of our K9 Hydrobaths have an option for an insert table for smaller breeds, a Hydrobath trolley for easy maneuvering and an exterior colour of your choice to match your salon or van.
K9 Hydrobaths require little maintenance and cleaning is simply with a suitable bathroom cleaner and disinfectant.

All our HydroExcels come with an amazing 5 years parts warranty and 1 year labour warranty so you can rest assure that your bath is built to last unlike many other hydrobaths on the market.